Product Sheet
  • Single click on the graphic to the lower right or click on the + symbol. The Product Sheet illustrates all of the individual pad designs and descriptions of Flat Packs and Bundled Kits we currently offer.
  • Be patient and wait a few moments for the Adobe Program to open.
  • When the Product Sheet opens in Adobe, if you want to print it, look for the printer icon near the upper left corner of the screen on that page.
  • Select the printer attached to your PC or MAC and choose the HIGHEST RESOLUTION and number of copies to print.
  • IMPORTANT: Press the back arrow on your browser to return to our website after printing is complete.

 NOTE: If you have problems printing the PDF version of the PRODUCT SHEET, click on the blue underlined link that follows and send an email to:     Just put: REQUEST PRODUCT SHEET as the subject and an electronic PDF version will be sent to you.

Click here to open the image in Adobe