Custom Cardstock
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Pictured is an example of custom cardstock that we printed for the Educational Public Outreach Program of NASA. The customer ordered half of the cardstock shown with the 4 quadrant, Quadra-PLOT design which is our part number PQD3X3W. The other half of the order was assembled with the design containing just a grid called the Twenty Square-PLOT which is our part number PSQ3X3W.

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Pictured is an example of custom cardstock that we printed for McDougal Littell. This customer chose to combine our part number PQD2X2W, the smaller size 4 quadrant design called the Quadra-PLOT with their cardstock.   


Our custom cardstock printing program offers schools, school districts, private businesses, book publishers, and national, state or local math organizations the option of combining our graphing products with a 3.5" x 5.5" custom designed cardstock backing. 


Custom cardstock combined with our MiniPLOTs will promote your organization, workshop, school or business interests.


The program works like this. You simply provide us with the artwork or we can create the artwork for your cardstock. The artwork usually consists of but it's not limited to a graphic or logo, a mailing address, a phone number and a website URL. If we create the artwork, you will need to provide graphic files in .jpg or .tif formats which can be attached to an email.  


For larger documents you may need to copy the files onto a CD and mail them to us. 


We will print the artwork on heavy cardstock and then cut them to the finished size of 3.5" x 5.5" We then assemble the cardstock with the MiniPLOT or MiniPLOTs of your choice providing you with a finished product. The cost is only slightly higher than if you purchase MiniPLOTs with our standard cardstock, about 15-25% more.  


  • 100 piece minimum for this program.
  • Please allow about 15 working days for delivery of the order.
  • Call for quotes and more details  (805) 687-1868.
  • Any variety and quantity of part numbers can be combined in the order.
  • Bundle with textbooks, give as handouts at conferences, include in mailings or as a gift to teachers or students.
  • Both the front and back of the cardstock can contain graphics and/or text.