Bundled Kits

Our Bundled Kits contain either 6, 10 or 20 individual pads and an assortment of designs for each specific type of math.


KIT: STATISTICS [Pads sold in Plastic Bag ]

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STATISTICS  (Interm. & Advanced)      P/N: SMPK-STAT

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This kit contains 10 assorted designs commonly used with lessons and homework in high school and college textbooks. The 10 pads in the Statistics Bundled Variety Pack are high resolution graphics printed on white paper which photocopy extremely well. Each pad is mounted on a colorful and educational piece of 3.5" x 5.5" cardstock. Pads and cardstock are bundled and wrapped in plastic.

Normal Curve-2 Pads

L x W (Inches) 

Grid (No. of squares) 

Paper Color 

  2 Pads-PLB3X3W 

3 x 3



 4 Quadrants-2 Pads


 2 Pads-PQZ3X3W 

3 x 3

16 x 16


1st Quadrant-4 Pads  




2 Pads-PEZ3X3W  

3 x 3

12 x 12


2 Pads-PEL3X3W  

3 x 3

20 x 20


Grid Only-2 Pads




2 Pads-PSQ3X3W  

3 x 3

20 x 20